Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fix it part 2

     Howdy again. I've got my coffee, my ramble ready... I guess I'm good to tackle the day! Hopefully after this morning's rant you will be too! Now, I thought it would be important to touch on yesterday's "fix the athlete" ramble. I thought I'd give you my take. So here we go!.

How can we turn this...
... into this!

     Ok, so let's take a look at the questionable power clean above again (the first one). This is the problems that I see:

- The bar is caught low on his chest (good call Libbie)
- Legs are very wide and could be an unstable base he can't recover from
- Not only wide, but the right leg is forward of his left leg (sumo split clean?)
- Because he's so wide his knees are tracking inward
- If we had a side view we may see the knees very far forward, and a more quad dominant catch

     So, that's really quick on what I can see glaring. Whether or not the athlete made the lift, there's a lot we can do to fix this.

     Frist off, let's fix things before ever touching the bar. How about some mobility work to improve his front rake position? Attach a jump stretch band to a pullup bar, let your knuckles rest on your shoulders (while bringing elbows up). and wrap the band your arm at the distal aspect of the tricep. I tried to find a good picture of this, but alas I'm at work and all the good (and dirty) websites are blocked. However, spending about 2 minutes on each are will drastically improve your front rack position. As far as equipment goes... get some good weightlifting shoes!

     After we're warmed up, let's hit the Burgener Warm-Up. Yes the BWU uses the Snatch, but you're still focusing on the natural shrug of the sholders, keeping the bar close to the body and speed through the middle. NOW we're ready to start with some quick warm-up sets before we begin "work set".

     When performing the wam-up I'd have him focus on catching the bar with the legs closer to his core with his knees pressed out (instead of forward). This will recruit our adductors, or the inside of the thigh. I mean, we want to use every bit of strength we have in our legs to pull off a monsterous clean. Keep hips a bit back so we can also include our glute/hamstrings (the big muscle movers). Basically I want it to look like this: (for full size)

     Hopefully,  this athlete will, without a doubt, be able to catch that weight. Even better... set a PR! What do the rest of you think? I'm sure I left some stuff out. Anyone selse care to fix this guy a little bit more? Let me know what you think. Post in the comments section, open your hips... and do burpees!

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

1 RM Push Press - 175lbs
Little upset with today's environment... so I decided to deadlift
1 RM Deadlift - 465 lbs (10 lb PR)
Stoked with that PR! That was seriously all I had for that day. My problem in this "globo-gym" environment is actually the fans. I take a while to mobilize and warm-up properly. Basically I want to be good and sweaty before I start any WOD or lift. These giant industrial fans get things quite chilly. Most of the times I turn them away, or turn them off. Maybe it's just mental, but it helps.

Day 118 Burpee Challenge / 7021 Burpees Total


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