Tuesday, August 2, 2011


     Howdy folks. By now I've came off my CrossFit Games high (I think). Only 363 days till 2012! OK, I kid... kind of... Now I'm able to really devote some time to the gym, and not spend it re-watching athlete interviews and doing math on who will win (my women's prediction was correct btw). Anyway, it's back to the daily grind.

     Well, in getting back to my training (towards the 2012 Open season) I've been re-working my personal programming. I know I haven't hit a lot of metcons here on deployment, and I have been focussed on more of a power lifting schedule. I'm trying to program smart and regain my speed while not losing the strength I've worked so hard on these last 4 months. With any luck, I will be hitting PRs on both sides of the coin (head=strength, tails=speed). This is my preliminary program I've come up with:

Monday: Max Effort (ME) Squat / Lift (+accesory work)
Tuesday: Bodyweight metcon with rest between rounds
Wednseday: ME Press (+accesory work) - Sprints (track/treadmill/bike/rower)
Thursday: 15-20 minute metcon w/ mixed modalities (ie barbell, kettlebell, bodyweight movements)
Friday: Dynamic (DE) Squat / Lift (+accesory work)
Saturday: DE Press (+accesory work) - Sprints - Heavy Metcon

     So, you've noticed that I still have a lot of strength work. I'm trying to keep with a Westside Brabell bias for strength work, as this is where i saw my greatest gains. I'm also trying to incoperate sprints at least twice a week, as well as metcons using different time and modal domains (hello original CrossFit prescription). This is what I'm going to be doing for the onth of August. In September I'll probably change it up some more, and do 4-5 metcons a weeks, and maybe doing less strength work. I'm hoping that I'm going to make the transition when I get back home.

     Sorry to go on a rant about what I do. But I do get questions about what I do. Maybe you guys/gals think this is on point, or maybe this is crazy in your eyes. I'd like to hear what you guys think about this, and if you have any questions I'd be glad to answer. So shoot for the PRs, get fitter... and do burpees!

BeachSide CrossFit from WOD Gear on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

- 5 min DU practice
- foam roll
- weighted sumo squats 3 x 8 (21X2)
What is  21X2 you might ask? You may see this is some strength programs. This is the tempo of the movement, it spilts the movement like this: descent - bottom position - ascent - top position. So for this I will take 2 second to descend, the 1 is the pause in the bottom, the X means to ascend as fast as possible, and the second 1 is the pause at the top. If this was a move like a chinup or deadlift (begining with the ascent) you would start at the 3rd number.

Front Squat 1RM - 195lb
Tied my PR, but it felt a whole lot easier today, breaking 200 will be coming soon!
Sumo Deadlift 1RM - 385 lbs
This was a 40 lb PR in the sumo style. It felt really good, and I may have got 400... but I had angry people waiting for the bar.

Walking Lunges 115lbs x 3 x 10
Weighted Pullups 45lbs x 3 x 5
Bent over Dumbell rows 55lbs x 3 x AMRAP
Weighted Situps 95lbs x 3 x 17

Day 109 Burpee Challenge / 5995 Burpees Completed



  1. August is a reset for me, too, with wods, new gym and training partner and diet. Whole30 begins tomorrow. Today I started my training with Barbara. The idea is 3 benchmarks(Barbara, Jackie or Grace, and CF Total) then retest those benchmarks at the end of the month. The programming will be strictly CF Football. So here's the cool part about the retest. The one wod, Barbara, is about twice as long as any CF Football time domain. So my prediction is that the Jackie (or Grace, don't know which I will do,yet) and the CF Total will go up, while Barbara will stay the same or go down, since we won't be training that time domain, or even close to it. I will also retest my 800m sprint time. All is good in the world. Great ramble,too. I like the info about the tempo. New to me.

  2. I like it. With any luck, and my prediction, is your barbara time will go up. There are some longer time domain CFFB WODs like Kalsu and Tillman. Sounds like good stuff man! Where you training at, and who's the partner?

    I know, "friends don't let friends do bicep curls", so just to set you at ease all of the accessory work are following CF's model of functional movement... and yes, bent over DB rows were on the mainsite (and CFFB).

  3. A place called St. Louis Fitness Club. They are really, really CrossFit friendly. Rings hanging from the ceiling (two pair!), plyoboxes, bumpers, C2 rowers, you can use chalk, lifting platform, wall ball targets...even a whiteboard. Two feet away is a calf raise machine as well as all the standard globo stuff. So far it all looks harmonious, though. My wod partner is Alex, the dude that helped me with the fence. He got his L1 a few months back. Don't know if it was going on at the time you were still home, but CFSTL was collecting gift cards from grocery stores and giving them to a charity called hopebuild. The charity would then take those cards and go buy whole foods for underprivileged kids and would teach families how to shop for stuff other than mac n cheese and cereal. They would also teach folks how to plant gardens and stuff. Anyway, Alex worked for them and would come to CFSTL for the gift cards. He's big into paleo and CrossFit. Good dude. Yo, you need to get ahold of Greg. CrossFit Edwardsville is now a reality. He works in Maryville. Nice new pics, by the way.

  4. Sounds like an awesome place man! And no, I wasn't around for the gift cards, that soudns like a really awesome idea! I'll have to check out that CrossFit Edwardsville, that would be awesome.