Thursday, August 18, 2011

What are you? (the I'll be back edition)

     Howdy folks. You may have notice in the title, if you read it, it's the "I'll be back edition". Well, my deployed job takes me back out on the road again, so I may be missing some rambles in htese next days. The good news, I'm at almost back at 100%, even so much so that I got a workout in! Anyway, I have a question while I'm gone...

     So, check out the video below. For one, I may have used this before... however, I love the pseudo Fight Club references. So watch the video, and post in the comment: "I am not _______". That is your task, and I'll be back soon, so leave some good stuff. So, attack your weaknesses, be CrossFit... and do burpees (like I can now).

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Front Squat 170lbs x 5 x 3
Felt good to do some work again, with a weight that was a bit of a challenge but very do-able.

Split Clean: worked up to 185lb single

Day 126 Burpee Challenge / 7879 Burpees completed
I'm playing a bit of catch up, but I'll be back on track


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