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     You guessed it folks, the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games have come to completion. We have crowned the Fittest on Earth in the 4 Master's groups, individual male and female, and finally the teams. It was a long weekend of little sleep and crazed emotions. Mostly due to the fact that I wanted to chuck my laptop halfway across the country any time the live feed crapped out on me. So, who topped the charts of our fitness list? Let's take a look (and do burpees).


     No WOD, or rope climb for that matter, could stop Rich Froning Jr from standing tall atop the podium this year, placing 2nd last year and raking the top spot this year (a Tonya Wagner-ish career). Rich was the model of uber consistency, grabbing a heaping handful of 1-3rd place finishes. In fact there was only one WOD that Rich finished outside of the top 10 (WOD #1). Now the talk of all next year may be, "Can he win it back to back"

     To round off the top 5, Josh Bridges made a mad dash, but couldn't gain enough to take the top spot. A legit contender, he brought home 2nd place... no small feet (even though he is on the miniture side). For 3rd place, Ben Smith moved weight and his body effortlessly. A super consitent athlete, there will be more to come from this young pup. Graham Holmberg also proved that he is a force to be reckoned with. "The End" favored him super well, and he took the 4th place spot. Lastly (and not least), californian outdoor-WOD machine Blair Morrison get the auto-ticket to the Games next year. Not that he need is, he was an outstanding athlete all weekend.


     The individuals are setting a theme this year. 2nd place last year, and 1st place this year, Annie Thorisdottir takes the red bumper plate podium. Her largest blemish was the 1st skills session WOD, after that her lowest placing was 7th. Annie is a force to be recconed with, as she is not the one everyone will be chasing next year.

     Kristen Clever, no surprise, took 2nd this year. It begs the question to if she and Annie will just continue to swap the top spot back and forth. My predections? I doubt it. In 3rd place, and another "Valley Girl", is Rebecca Voight. Going to show that there may be something in the barbells there in VCF. In 4th place, female locamotive Sam Briggs. She has a drive like non-other. If she can clean up he tecnhique, and tighten up he back on deadlifts, she'll be a hugely competitive athlete next year as well. Finally, repeat 5th place finisher Julie Foucher. This smaller framed athlete is still ready and capable to throw down... can't wait to see it happen again next year.


     The Beast of the East: CrossFit New England is your fittest group this year. At the regionals they won every WOD handely. This year, at the Games, they won the only one that mattered. CFNE blazed through the "Gallery of the Girls" and took top honors. You tell a team that they're going to complete 6 girls at once (head out of the gutters) and these guys and gals say, "BRING IT ON!" Way to go team! Now, there was a lot of haters about the wiping the slate clean for the final WOD in a winner take all throwdown. But, look at the number, had they retained their scores... CF New England still would have won

     Front Range CrossFit, CrossFit Rocklin, Brick CrossFit, Team Taranis, and (last years winners) CrossFit Fort Vancouver battled it out, and battled hard. However, they were a speck in New England's rear view mirror. I'm not doubting the legit performance all weekend by these teams, and I am sure we will see all of them fighting next year,

MASTERS (a picture montage)

45-49 winner Scott DeTore

45-49 winner Susan Habbe

50-54 Male Winner Gord Mackinnon (submitted all his open WOD via video)

50-54 winner Mary Beth Litsheim

55-59 Winner Steve Anderson (Don't hate, I tried forever to find a pic)

55-59 Winner Shelley Noyce
60+ Winner Greg Walker

60+ Winner Betsy Finley

     A hearty congrats to everyone that competed this weekend. Super kudos to the Judges and Volunteers that made this weekend happen. The sport of CrossFit is growing, and that is leading to more and more people flocking to the box. Some people are going to compete to win, but others are CrossFitting to be healthier... and that's what its all about. So celebrate, get back to the WOD... and do burpees!

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Watch the Games... for time

Day 108 Burpee Challnge / 5886 Burpees Completed


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