Monday, August 15, 2011

Sickness and videos

     Good morning everyone. I'm sorry I've missed the last couple of rambles.I have been dog sick!... which also means I have to make up a lot of burpees. Future pain aside, I thought I could throw something up today. So, we have for you some videos. The first four are just parts of what we use in CrossFit, the 5th video being said discipline. I hope you all enjoy. For the time being, while I'm sick, I'm just going to throw up a video (and not my food) for you all to enjoy. Catch you guys later! ... and do burpees (because I can't)!






3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's training:

Get down with the sickness (rest)


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  1. The blonde dude in the power lifting vido. Tom Platz. Can't remember what he does with that weight. It's something pretty ignorant like 405 for 30 reps or something that makes me wanna puke in my lap. And the dude behind him is that Bill Kazmir. Prolly have his last name wrong. Anyway, he's is to strong man competition what Arnold is to BB'ing. Digging the linear system of the amateur CFFB SWOD. You squat twice/week with an increase in weight each time. That's just so demanding. Great videos, Frosh!