Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Quick note

     Howdy folks! Back again, and always ready for a ramble. Let me tell you, there is nothing that can screw up my day. Just today, there is a huge bin of fresh whole avacados at the dining facility! I take at least 2 every time I eat and put them in my fridge in my room. Something so small... yet so awesome!

     Anyway, I'm beat up and pressed for time today, not going to lie. Today's ramble is going to be a bit quick, but tomorrow we're bringing some science back to the ramble, so stay tuned for that. Anyway, I just want to pose a question to everyone out there in internet land... What have you benefitted the most from CrossFit? Example, I've always been pretty decent and moving my body, ala gymnastics. Not to say that hasn't increased, but my strength is gettin up there. I've learned the importance of full depth squats and deadlifts, and I've come to enjoy both of them too much. Anyway, what about you? Is it inches on your waist? Improving you speed? Moving the weight? Speak up! So stay tuned, check back tomorrow... and do burpees!

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Press 1 RM - 135 lbs
I was pretty happy to tie my PR on this. Press is something I struggle on a lot. As far as progression goes 125 felt a bit tough, I think my form was off. When I put up 130 it just floated up. 135 was tough but got up there. Made it halfway wth 140, but no dice.

Hang Power Cleans 135lb x 3 x 8
Weighted Dips 35lbs x 3 x 5
One-Arm Push Presses (progressive load) x 5 x 3 each arm
- 50 lbs - 65lb - 70lbs - 80lbs - 90lbs
The push presses taught me that my left arm strength is lacking, so I really like being able to work on that. Big drive from the hips and tried to hold each rep up there for a good second before lowering.

I know I was supposed to follow this up with sprint, but it was getting late. I think next week I'll do stength before work and sprints after work. I did my sprints this morning and I'll post times tomorrow

Day 111 Burpee Challenge / 6216 Burpees Completed


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