Saturday, August 6, 2011


     Happy volume day everyone. Today I am one WOD day (Dynamic Effort lift), with 2 to go (Sprints and Heavy Metcon). I'm trying to recover in between effort. However, I find myself in Hell's laundry room (I'm referring to the heat). So, I'm sorry for a late notice and unappreciated ramble. Below is yesterday's stuff, and I will have more for you tomorrow. Enjoy the video... and do burpees!

Think outside the box from Ohoj on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Sumo parallel Box Squats 165 lbs x 10 x 2 with red bands every 45 seconds
One thing to this, on my last 2 sets I bumped up to 185 lbs. I was able to keep my speed and felt just the same. The toughest thing about Dynamic Effort... keeping the damn time. It's not every 30 second or a minute, so I had to add up in my head when I would lift again, and remember what set I was on. Good stuff though.
Speed pulls 315lbs x 15 every 30 second
Who has 2 thumbs and loves to deadlift... this guy

Accessory work:
Man-makers (progressive load) x 3 x 3
- 40lbs - 50lbs - 60lbs
Have you every gone near max effort on a Man-Maker before? Whole crap, me neither! That sucker was tough. Before you ask, a Man-Maker is: 1 pushup on DB, left arm DB row, right arm DB row, come to a deep squat, full clean (or power clean + squat), finish with thruster 
one-arm DB rows (progressive load) x 3 x 8
-60lbs - 70lbs - 80lbs
Weighted Situps 95lbs x 3 x 12

Day 113 Burpee Challenge / 6441 Burpees Completed


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