Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Walk Hard

     Hello again everyone! We have a Birthday to celebrate. If you happen to run into a Marine today, you make sure to wish him a very Happy Birthday. You know what that means though, they're 235 years old now... that's 235 burpees   3,2, 1 GO!

.... Done? Ok, I'll assume you are and continue on.

     So, we've had posts in the past about amazing and inspiring athletes. So, keeping with that, I have another story for you.

DJ Gregory

     Meet DJ Gregory. DJ was born with Cerebral Palsy, and when he was young, doctors told his family that he would never walk. Destined to be stuck in a wheelchair for life was not an option for DJ and his family. DJ spent his early years crawling around the house, and endured 5 surgeries on his legs by the time he was in first grade; and, as a result, DJ was able to learn to walk with a cane.

     DJ quickly found that he had a passion for sports. Unfortunately, many sports were not accessible to him, until he stumbled onto golf. As he grew up, DJ set a goal for himself... walk all of the holes during the PGA tour. This is something professional golfers won't even do, so it was even more of a challenge for someone like DJ.

     DJ's plan was to shadow a different professional golfer for each round, which added up to 44 rounds in 45 weeks. Just staying upright would be a challenge for DJ, and when asked about falling down he said, ""I'm going to fall; it's just the way it is. I'm going to do it. So you know what? You get back up, and you learn from your mistakes, and you don't do it again."

      In 2008 DJ was able to complete the task with the following stats:

  • Falls: 29
  • Miles walked: 988
  • Holes walked: 3,256
  • Accumulated steps: 1,436,610

     Take a look at the video below, highlighting DJ's challenge. I'm sorry, it get cuts a little short, but still... very inspiring.

Walk On from Boomer Alred on Vimeo.

3,2,1, GO!


  1. Damn you Frosh, who would have thought a rambling frosh could make a grown man cry...while at my desk at work.

  2. It's what I aim for. I'm just wondering if you're crying because of the story... or because you actually did the 235 burpees