Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks Coach B!

     Well good to see you all again, here at another day of the Frosh Blog. I missed you... ok, maybe I'm just saying that. But I bet you missed me, right? You don't have to say anything, I know your answer. Anyway, awkwardness aside, today we're going to talk about how we're going to improve our Snatch (hehe). With the one and only Burgener Warm-up.

'nuff said

     Coach Mike Burgener has been an Olympic weightlifting coach for years, coaching some of the best in the business. To do that, Coach B came up with the awesome tool for our Olympic Weightlifting tool box. So, if we want to improve our Snatch, or Olympic lifts for that matter, the Burgener Warm-up will help you get there. The Warm-up takes less than 3 minutes to do, and can be done before whatever workout you're about to do, it's only going to help. So now I'm going to briefly explain these 5 movements and why we do them.

Down and Up

     This is simply a shrug of the hips and shoulders. Before I get too ahead of myself let me start you off right. You will need a PVC pipe held in the snatch width (basically the same width you'd do your Overhead Squat), feet will be in the jumping stance (underneath our hips), and chest high for the entire movement. To execute bend your knees forward slightly to dip down, while keeping your chest high. Then, without leaving the ground, shrug your hips up and your shoulders up (first hips then shoulders). Do NOT bend your arms for this, that will come later. Remember, "When the arms bend, the power ends." This is very important when working on our speed through the middle. Perform 3-5 reps of this movement

Elbows High and Outside

     The starting position, and almost the entire movement as same as above. PVC at snatch width, feet in jumping position, chest up. This time after the dip and shrug, you will pull you elbows high and outside, bringing the PVC to your chest. This will cue us to keep the bar close to our bodies the entire time. Once again 3-5 reps.

Muscle Snatch

      We have a PVC, so this won't be too difficult. The "bar" and feet will be in the same position as our last 2 exercises. This time, in one movement, we will bring the bar overhead. Feet will still be planted for this entire movement, as it is just a muscle snatch. Here we are building upper body strength and working the external rotation of our shoulders on that fast turnover of the bar. 3-5 reps... go ahead an knock 'em out.

Snatch Lands

     After we complete our last Muscle Snatch, go ahead and leave the bar overhead. Make sure our shoulders are active and pushing the PVC up overhead, feet still in jumping stance. This will be the first time our feet will leave the ground. For the first rep we will drop our hips down and move our feet out about 2 inches each side, this will simulate receiving a moderate load on the Snatch. bring our feet back to jumping and do another land, this time our feet will be 4 inches wide, simulating an increased load. Back to jumping  we now land at... you guessed it... 6 inches, an even heavier load. This is a VERY important drill, because when it comes to performing the Snatch, 99% of missed lifts are attributed to foot work.

Snatch Drop

     Now, the final movement. We will still have the PVC overhead, feet back in our jumping position. For this we will go from our jumping position to our landing position (roughly squat width), very fast, and "receiving" the bar in the full squat. This is again, foot work drills needed to receive a bar in the full squat, which will be our heaviest Squat (maybe even a PR). 3 reps of this and you've done the Burgener Warm-Up.

     So there it is folks, the Burgener Warm-Up. Couple this with the Skills Transfer Exercise we talked about before, and you will be unstoppable! Don't remember that one, huh? No worries here it is -> Skill Transfer. Anyway, I hope this helped in some way. Remember, if you get stronger... it is now because of me. Till next time everyone.

Yesterday's WOD:

4 rounds for time
- 16 DB Clusters (Clean to thruster) #40 L/R arm (alt arm each round)
- 16 box Jumps 24"
- 16 Waiter Lunges # 40 R/L (alt arm each round)
- 16 Double Unders
- 16 Ring Chinups
- 16 Calorie Row
Time - 29:34
Haven't gone to this time domain in a while. Hurt something fierce

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