Monday, November 29, 2010


     Howdy everyone. Well, it's the Monday after a holiday. For many people, like myself, its back to work and the daily grind. It's not too bad getting back into the swing of thing, it's kinda like getting back on the wagon. And many of you, again like myself, may not have stayed on the Paleo. Oh well, back again.

CrossFit, the Winter version

     So, everyone out there, I was hoping we could have a bit of a discussion again... this means I want to hear your comments. We just had Thanksgiving, so in the spirit of giving thanks (and less about slaughter),  What are you thankful for? Of course I'm talking about CrossFit, so how has CrossFit changed your life?

     For me, it's hard to just say one thing. I'm thankful that CrossFit has made me a stronger person. I'm thankful its made me want to push myself, in and out of the gym. I'm thankful that I have a community of people all around the world, that share my passion. I'm thankful that CrossFit has given me the opportunity to train people, and write a mindless blog about fitness. I'm thankful for everything about CrossFit... except for burpees.

Yah Burpees!!!

     So sounds off folks. Post what your thankful for... or 50 burpees... your choice. Till tomorrow folks!

CrossFit Southeast Women's Comp from Boomer Alred on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!


Yesterdays WOD:

Skill / Rest / Foam Roll!!!

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