Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble yall

     Happy Turkey Day everyone! I hope you kept it Paleo... if not, it's all good. Consider it a cheat day. To celebrate the day we give thanks, why don't you all thank me... for giving you such great rambles. If not, it's still all good. Just don't be surprised when I make you do twice as many burpees.

     Since today happens to be the holiday, I figured I could keep things light. And in the spirit of mimicking an aging womanizer (David Letterman), I wanted to bring you a top ten list.

Top Ten Ways You Can Tell You Are Addicted to CrossFit:

# 10 - You drive in your car using a hook grip.

#9 - Telling your friends that you just did Fran and it was horrible doesn't sound at all strange to you.

#8 - Your friends are horrified when you tell them about your Snatch.

#7 - You don't send your kids to time-out, you make them do burpees (and they never misbehave again).

#6 - If you take a vacation you plan out which CrossFit gyms you're going to visit.

#5 - You've actually tried to shake someones hand using the false grip.

#4 - You have more CrossFit apparel than regular clothes.

#3 - When you pick anything up, you make sure to keep the weight in your heels.

#2 - Everything you do, you do for time.

And the #1 reason you know you're addicted to CrossFit is...

#1 - You can't remember what they actually use PVC pipe for

Now this is what I want for Christmas

     If you or anyone you know fits these descriptions, please contact your nearest CrossFit box for help. Since today's WOD on Mainsite (CrossFit) is Helen, I have OPT's sub 7 minute Helen for your viewing pleasure. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

3,2,1 GO!

5/3/1 week 4 (deload 3x5)

Bench Press
5 x 115 lb (60%)
5 x 125 lb (65%)
10 x 135 lb (70%)

Even round: 10 squat jumps
Odd round: 10 situps
Time - 6:31


  1. Work out on Thanksgiving...

    Are you kidding?

  2. No worries. My WODs/Lifts are always from yesterday. Today I rest