Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just get in the gym

     Another beautiful day in the neighborhood, isn't it? Well, a little cold if you ask me. Good morning again everyone, at least it's morning for me right now. Once again, I hope you all had a good Turkey Day, I'm sure yesterday was a rest day for many of you. So now its back to the gym!

Sad, but true

     So what makes us so different from the rest of the conventional fitness industry? Ok, there's the obvious "Constantly varied, functional movement executed at a high intensity", but that' just s a little bit confusing. Or then, "Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains", even a little more confusing. Hell, you could rattle off these mantras and even other CrossFitters may have to pause to explain what they mean. So why is it we decide to workout in an industrial area with other pain-loving people?

     I think it's because we really see the change in our lives, in and out of the box. Does a good deadlift carry over to the real world? Sure does, we pick up stuff all day long. How about a push jerk, is that replicated in the real world? Hell yes again, I used to bail hay in the summer, talk about using the power from your hips! On the other hand, is the bicep curl "functional"? Well, if you want a big bicep... maybe. But I would say to you that doing pullups are going to be the better choice. I'm not trying to be snobby, the curl does have function for certain sports. Professional arm wrestlers need some whopping arms, 'nough said.

     It's hard to fault people for going to any gym, CrossFit or Globo. They're just trying to better their lives and be healthier. In our position we preach functional movement, eating clean foods and constantly learning new things. In the Globo universe it seems "most" are doing 20 minutes of cardio "warm-up" and Arm Day (or Back Day, Leg day, etc.). Again, I'm not being all high and mighty, CrossFit is the best, and the rest can suck a lemon. All I'm saying is, I spent many years in the normal gym setting, and I've never seen the improvement in my life and gains in strength than I have with CrossFit.

     So, regardless of where and how you workout, just strive to be better every time you go. Till next time you blog addicts.

"I don't exercise. If God wanted me to bend over, he'd have put diamonds on the floor."
     - Joan Rivers

Yesterdays Strength/WOD:

5/3/1 week 4 (deload 3x5)

95 x 5 (40%)
115 x 5 (50%)
135 x 10 (60%)

5 rounds for time:
30 walking lunges
20 GHD situps
10 burpees
Time - 10:53

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