Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Forging Elite Friendship

     Good morning again, to all my loyal and motivated readers. Once again, I'd like to get a little discussion going. Today I'd like to talk to yall about relationships.

     I'm speaking about the relationships you have with CrossFit and the people involved with it. How do you feel when you walk in the doors, minutes away from getting your WOD on? Do you smile when you see the faces of people you share pain with? Is there a certain trainer or class that you try to never miss?

     What about life outside of CrossFit (if you can call that a life)? What do friends and family think about this type of workout? Do they give you an odd stare when you tell them about the girl that you just "did"? Have your friends/family given you odd comments about your diet (for all you Paleo monsters out there)? Heck, have you lost friends? Have you made friends? Have you done things you've never thought you could or would? This is what I want to hear about!

3,2,1 GO!

1 comment:

  1. Family and most friends responses are usually disappointing when I try to explain my diet, Paleo. CrossFit they are cool with although few would even consider it.

    It's tough, I will hear from some people (some people = non paleo cfitters)..."I want to get healthy, lose weight, feel better". I find it frustrating to explain it all with those who don't want really want to change. It's really exciting though when someone is really interested or talking about it people at the box.

    Never thought I could ever be in this great of shape, without the community of CrossFitters and Paleo eaters I would still be a unhealthy drunken mess. Physically I've done some crazy stuff and am amazed at how far I could go with it. Some of the crazy freaks, like Frosh, amaze me. 100 consecutive DU's...come on. I can get three.

    I usually get nervous before WOD's and smile a lot from the suffering in the middle of the WOD's.

    Love the blog, keep em coming.