Monday, November 7, 2011

The challenge

     Morning again everyone. Yea, finally decided to stop slacking (for now) and produce a good ramble for you. Whether it is good or not is totally up to you. Speaking of up to you, today is my Dad's birthday! So everyone go ahead and knock out 20 burpees... 3,2,1 GO!

     Done? No, my Dad is not 20 today, but I wanted you to not tire out too much, and read the rest of the ramble.

     Well folks, today is a little quick discussion on an important subject (like all the rambles). Today, it's all about recovery.

     I know everyone out there is a WOD and heavy squat machine. But sometimes, we need to take a breather. It may feel like you're missing out on training, but believe me, it's all for the best. Many wise men once said, "you don't get stronger from a workout, you get strong from resting from a workout."

     Now I've given hints, tips, proverbs, and what-to-dos about recovery. Anything ranging from a simple foam roll, to and extreme contrast water therapy. Here is my challenge to you: The Static Stretch! Not only is this the title of my summer blockbuster, but it's going to get you moving and feeling better. So, what's the challenge?

     The challenge is to spend 20-30 minute A DAY doing some nice easy static stretching. Here are the rules: Stretching is not to be done before a WOD or immediately after a WOD. Think of this as a stretchy WOD. Some time during your day, maybe even when watching the tube or reading a ramble, spend 20-30 minute in some static positions, stretching out your muscles. You can go head-to-toe, toe-to-head, the world is your oyster. The challenge lasts exactly 7 days, starting from today.

     So, who's coming with me? Post your "I'm in" down below, any questions, comments, critueqes and remarks also welcome. So be mobile, be flexible, and as always... do burpees!!!

Overcome Resistance from Jogo Crossfit Bellingham on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day
I know, it seems like I never WOD. But I'm doing 3 WODs today, so I think a rest day was appropriate.

Super big shout out to my wife. She beasted up 210lbs on a back squat! I know she'll hit more next time... I better start squating soon, before she catches up to me!!!



  1. My kind of challenge, Frosh! I like to stretch before my feet hit the floor in the a.m. I'm in.

  2. Michael challenged me to do my age in burpees for time and he would double it. Damn near killed me, but got em done.

    Thanks Michael!