Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here's the truth

     Hey there fitness junkies, time for another score? Yes, the rambles are back from a 2 day hiatus. I hope I didn't keep the public on the edge of their seat like Paranormal Activity 3 (creepy movie). Anyway, I have some good stuff for you, so lets not waste any more time.

     Well, I'd like to bring you another athlete profile... a spotlight if you will. Have you ever heard of Tom Rowland and "Fitness Truth"? No?! Well, meet Tom:

     Tom was a former High School Wrestler, fishing guide and TV producers. In his 30's he found himself out of shape and wanting to get back to fitness. At that point, the choice was Marathon Running. Even though Tom got down to a 3:13 marathon he couldn't jump, do a pullup, or much of any true tests of fitness.

     His journey took a good turn when he discovered CrossFit. He found the idea of being able to compete from his garage against anyone in the world intriguing. At 43, Tom is in the best shape of his life and a shining example of what your fitness can do for you.

     You may remember Tom's name, or maybe his face. Well, during the 2011 CrossFit Open he and Jessica Pamanian were shadowed by the CrossFit Journal as they performed every WOD on their way to the Regionals. Tom may not have made the cut, but it wasn't for lack of trying. I'm sure I'd get my behind handed to me by this pre-masters athlete.

    Not only is he a Journal Highlight, but he also has his on TV show called "Fitness Truth". Tom opened his garage gym (The RRL), for free, to anyone that wanted to start or continue their journey towards elite fitness. You can read more about Mr. Rowland at his website and see his daily WOD, blog posts and yummy Paleo recipes. You can also find episode of his TV show on Vimeo (or the previous link).

     I'm personally looking forward to Season 2 of Fitness Truth and my personal fitness goals. What do you guys think? Check of all the truth about fitness and post any thoughts, questions or comments below. So strive for fitness, reach your goals... and do burpees!

Mission Cross Fit from Shane Harder on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day
Shout out to my wife who squated 170lbs x 2!!!


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