Friday, November 25, 2011

Post-WOD (Thanksgiving)

     Hey again all, and how are we feeling? Everyone got their holiday cheer pants on? Yes, as the turkey goes into the fridge and the Christmas trees go up, I'm sure there's enough smiles to fill a box. Now that all that exsesive crabo-load is over, I'm sure others are returning to their boxes as well. Me? I return to family... and the rambles.

     Congrats to all the braved the Black Friday madness. This is the true proving ground of your fitness and mental fortitude... and maybe your limit, like pushing down an old lady to nab that wii. Anyways, we have better things to talk about instead of things that will give you nightmares till New Years.

     There's that good old saying, "You don't get stronger from lifitng, you get stronger by resting from lifting." This mean that Post-WOD time is such a important piece of our training. So what does that mean we should be doing? How about we consider the following:

- Nutrition: Yep, It's meal time. This is actually one of the best times to get in some good food in your belly. Maybe a shake, does the trick. Basically we need to replenish. This includes getting your water in.

- "Stretch": Best time to keep our body nice and limber. You can get on the foam roller and break up some of the lactic acid build up. Also hold you static position and hit that range of motion. Crazy individuals can go home a strike up the ice bath.

- Record/assess: Best time to look at how the WOD went. Was it a PR? Was it a rough battle. This is the time where you can get you log book and write down the WOD and/or Lift. Talk to you coach, see if there's things you can improve on or what went well.

- Smile: We're all here for our journey for fitness. Yea, CF can be painful, it can make us want to punch a puppy. But if we didn't love this stuff, we would never come back. Talk to you fellow athletes, laugh about the pain, and grow the community.

     So there we have it folks, the post-WOD importance (and it is important). I hope you all had an outstanding Turkey Day, and didn't get too beat up trying to get the best deals in the stores. Post thoughts, questions, and comments below. Recover right, train hard... and do burpees!

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3,2,1 GO!

Rest Day
What they hell do you expect?!... I was shoving my gullet full of turkey and assorted goodies


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