Wednesday, November 9, 2011


     Hey again people. 3 days in a row, look at me. It's like I'm almost on a normal ramble schedule again... let's hope it holds. Speaking of holding, hold on to your seats because we have a story of a local "Xfit" throwdown. With competition season coming up soon next year, it's time to start thinking about it.

     So, yesterday I had the opportunity to judge at a "X-Fit" competition at the nearyby college. It was so called "X-Fit" because they do not have any affiliation with CrossFit. Par on the course for them making that distinction. Anyway, there was only one WOD:

20 minute AMRAP
1 partner run
1 partner Thruster (95/45)
1 partner Burpee
When the partner finishes the run they move to thrusters, the thruster person moves to the burpees and the burpee person goes for a run.

     This may look familiar, I did this WOD a few days ago with GSkell and Mrs. GSKell with a score of 393 reps. A brutal WOD, in which most of your points came from the burpees. However, you couldn't forget about racking up the thrusters as well.

     Anyway, big shout out to any competitors out there. We saw 5 teams go at it, with team CrossFit Edwardsville taking the prize of spray on tans and highlights (not kidding) with a score of 348. Aside from the final team that had been CrossFitting for a few weeks, every other team had little to no experience with CrossFit, let alone the dreaded thrusters (and burpees). More than once did I hear, as I was judging thrusters, "this CrossFit stuff is no joke!" And even once I heard, "You guys are legit, this stuff is hard!"

     Could the even have been run a little more smoothly, maybe so. But, this is the first step in many to establish an even more solid base of CrossFit here in the Metro East. Competitions like these get people exposed to CrossFit. Many out there came for the tangent Powerlifting competitions (Bench and Deadlift... no squat), but saw some pretty inspiring things right next to them.

     My hope is we can have more throwdowns. Ones with maybe more than one WOD and stand alone CrossFit. Cheers again for the competitiors, and don't stop competiting. Post any thoughts, questions or comments below. Get ready, get set... do burpees!

Wodapalooza: A CrossFit Festival from Warrier Boy Films on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Worked up to a single at 415 lbs
Had plans for a more intricate WOD since I got  some brand new bumpers. However, the rain kept me inside, and the time crunch kept me from actual WODing. Still... nice to have that much weight available at the house.


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  1. Truly, truly fun and an honor to judge alongside you. Cannot wait to enter a competition with ya... and maybe judge another event someday.