Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Manhood Down!

     Morning peeps. How are we feeling? Well, if you're doing the 30 minutes of stretching a day challenge... I would imagine limber. Not too late to jump on that band wagon. As always any time is a good time to jump on the ramble wagon. So let's see what we have today.

     So, this is why stretching is so important. Take a look at a... high volume day for me:

6:30 am WOD
Teams of 3, 20 min AMRAP
- 400m run
- 95lb Thrusters
- Burpees (yah burpees!)
Total Score- 403 reps
We gave the SIUE "X-Fit" event a go that we're going to be judging later today. So when the person is doing a 400m run, another is doing thrusters and another is doing burpees. When the person comes in from the run they go to thrusters, the thruster person goes to burpees, and the burpee person runs. So no rest for 20 minutes... fun fun

Recovery WOD
:60 ice bath
:60 second recover
Since my legs were good and taxed, I wanted to give this a try. Let me tell you... it was great! My legs felt brand new.

Afternoon WOD:
I few sets of squats and light behind the neck jerks, following it up with...

15 minute AMRAP
1 push press at 65% of your bodyweight
1 strict pullup
3 push press at 65% of your bodyweight
3 strict pullups
5 push press at 65% of your bodyweight
5 strict pullups
Rounds 8+6 reps
I thought this would be muscular burner and not tax my lungs. However, with the push press going on, I found myself seriously sucking wind. Great WOD with 3 other great trainers.

Afternoon recovery
30 minutes static stretch and foam roll

Night WOD
108 Burpees, for time
Time - 6:20
So yesterday was my Dad's 54th Birthday, and I challenged him to do his age in burpees and I would do double his age and try to beat his time. He did his in 7:08. So I got him, but not by too much. I really doubt I could do this again next year it sucked! Also, with the first WOD I did, that brought my full day's burpee count to 186.

Author's unfortunate Note: sustained a VERY odd injury during burpees. This could have been because of doing burpees on a rug, in new underwear or also doing them in Pajama bottoms... However... um... little Frosh got a case of the rug burn.

     Ok, uncomfortable silence aside, how does all that sound? I'll tell you... it sounds horrible! I do like some high volume days, but if you're not getting some good recovery in, you can't manage days like this. What about the rest of you? Anyone experiment in high volume training? Really, its a huge test in your recovery. How is everyone's recovery going? Getting that stretch in? Post thoughts, questions or comments below. Recover well, train like you got a pair... and do burpees!!!

CrossFit Quantum: Gettin Huge! from Sparks Photographers on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

I just told you!


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