Sunday, March 6, 2011


     Morning folks. I'm going to warn you now, you might run into a missed ramble or two. I'm travelling and visiting family and all that good pre-deployment jazz. I wish everyone well for the next couple of weeks. Look for the blog at 9am Midwest time, and if you don't see it then... well, you'll have to see what's in store for tomorrow. Most likely, this will be the same way I operate during deployment, so I guess you'll just have to be ready for it. So bare with me, keep training... and do burpees.

Crossfit Pittsburgh Green Bay Crossfit Super Bowl Challenge from C-Nolan on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

knot tying... for time
I think that means I got married.


  1. Hey - is there now a Mrs. Frosh!? We need to see pictures!! Were burpees involved during the "I do's"?

  2. Laurie,

    Yes, that is correct. There were no burpees... however I did wear a CrossFit T-shirt underneath the tux

  3. Yes, yes you did. And I do believe that I suggested you wear that..or like you told everyone... I ALLOWED you to wear it. You should also put in the daily WOD "thriller/other incredible dance moves for time" Im just saying.

    Mrs Frosh.

  4. congrats!!! And glad to hear about the dance moves! Mel

  5. Sounds like pictures will not do this ceremony justice. We need VIDEO! Congrats, Frosh and Anne! Or is it Frosh and Frosh???

  6. Well...considering that we had a bad experience with our photographer...we're going to be lucky to get pictures. Which, of course, when we're back from the honeymoon we'll get put up!