Tuesday, March 15, 2011

     Hey again everybody!!! Did you miss me? Well, if you are actually reading this... then probably so. Sorry to slack so much recently. I warned you that this may occur, so I figured I could finally throw down a ramble... I know you've been itching for one.

     Well people, my fitness hasn't been at my normal levels just recently. Haven't been eating super super awesome, and I haven't got too many WODs in (but I am honeymooning, so...). Anyway, I know we can't always have the best conditions, or be right next to our box all the time. Fact is, we travel, vacation and get busy.

     So are you going to just follow my lead? I wouldn't suggest it, currently anyway. But, it begs the question (that I've asked before), what do you do when you're on the road? 100 burpees for time? Knock out a hotel WOD? Maybe bust through a park WOD? I'm sure there's something out there.

     For the people that have been on the road, and were still able to CrossFit... what did you do? It just may help out the folks that haven't encountered this before. Let's hear your interesting approaches to fitness. So do burpees, do burpees... and do burpees.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Don't ask

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