Sunday, March 27, 2011


     Howdy everyone. Frosh here, coming to you from rainy South Carolina. Nothing like a 7 hour bus ride to really get you pumped up. All my complaining aside, I'm going to resume in trying to bring you the best rambles possible. I hope that I make them all on time and stop missing days (like I've been slacking for the last few weeks). My wife will be making sure the blogs posts, so no one will be with out a good ol' fashion ramble.

     So, I was just thinking about things (which I now have plenty of time to do)... Today, I'd like to talk briefly about our environment. No, I don't mean be green and save the planet (which is still a good cause). What I mean is our WOD environment, and the effects it has on us.

     Some people will thrive in different environmental factors, while others will be crushed. For instance I'm usually teaching a class with all the lights on. however, I prefer my WOD with just one light in the gym on, giving me a dark atmosphere. Of course, I have the loud "I-want-to-kill-everything" music playing. Now, what if I changed that up? Bright lights and classical music? Do you think that effect my WOD time or numbers? Absolutely!

     Think about it, would you like to do Fran outside in the rain? For one, I'm sure it would be tough to grip either bar. But, you'd have the wind blowing and getting soaked... not a good time. How about a hot environment, say the middle east in a cramped globo gym with crappy music? That's what I'm going to be getting used to here shortly.

     Lastly, environmental factors can include our gear. What if instead of a CrossFit T-shirt and WOD pants you worked out with full fire fighting gear. I think that might set you back a bit (Murph anyone?). I just want you guys to think about these types of things. Where we workout can have quite an effect on performance. Anyone have anything to add? Maybe someone has worked out in an austere environment before and would like to share? let's here something guys! Load the bar, move the weight... and do burpees.

Friday Night Lights presented by CrossFit Scottsdale from Full Squared Productions on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Rest Day
This is a legit and planned rest day. Since I've been here I'm trying to stay as Paleo as possible with the options available

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