Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How do you fuel?

     Hey again everyone. Looks like I have officially missed my third post. I don't feel too bad, because I warned you just the other day that it might happen. Unfortunately for you daily readers that may happen a lot more, mostly due to deployment. But I swear I will try my damnedest to get some knowledgeable rambles to you. Let's pick back up with this one!

We may look weird... but we're the fit peeps!
     I have just another quick questions for everyone out in internet-land. I know we preach Paleo like it's going out of style (even though it's slowly coming into style)... but I'm aware that not everyone follows with it. There's three big things that gets people going: politics, religion, and food. So we'll leave behind the two former and ask about the later... how do you fuel?

     Paleo is very simple... eat real food! Grass-fed and  un-f**ked with lean meats, fish, chicken, veggies, some fruit, and nuts and berries. I'm not going to go all "Leeny" on you (don't worry if you don't get the reference), but you can't have your grains, dairy and precious processed foods. I know people can get defensive with giving up their bread, but trust me... it's worth it.

     Now, normally I follow Paleo. I do allow some cheats every now and again (this would be one of those times). But, I find it works best for me. So, it begs the question, who else is a Paleo groupie? Anyone a Zone fanatic? ... South Beach (please say no)? What gets you through the day and through the WOD? Post you food and thoughts to comments. Whatever you do... eat good, train hard... and do burpees.

What are the CrossFit Games? from Natural Strength CrossFit on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Explore Portland
Walked around with wife and my sis through Portland. Saw some good sites, and had some amazing coffee!

Yesterday's yesterday WOD:

2 mile hike
Wife and I walked up and down Beacon Rock on the Columbia River Gorge. It's about 1 mile up, and 1 mile down... and a great view!


  1. 90% paleo with a zone bias(3 block carb and ~4x fat). One really has to be into CrossFit to decipher that one. I am looking for the elusive cookie diet,though.

  2. I like the idea of the cookie diet... I'll get looking.

  3. I'm really beginning to feel like you forgot to do something...