Friday, January 6, 2012

Still going

     Morning. I think it's morning... I don't know, I've already been up for about 5 hours, so what I can say for sure is that the sun is up. Aside from being on my 4th cup of coffee, I'm going to try to ramble for you a little bit. Let's see what I got.

     We're just about 1 week in to the new year. I just want to see how everyone is handling it? As you can see I've stop throwing out excuses and been training normally. Now if I could get a normal sleep schedule I'd be even better... but it's all one thing at a time. But enough about me.

     What have you been doing? Have you been motivating yourself? Have you been giving yourself excuses? Did you let the new year not even effect you? I know January 1st is an arbitrary date, but it's a big jump start for a lot of people (including myself). So again... what have you beein doing?

     Posts training, goals, questions and comments down below. I get some sleep come tomorrow morning so I may have a worth while ramble for you (I said might). So stick with me, keep training... and do burpees!

The Fittest Games 2011 Recap from The Fittest Games on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Push Press 3RM

Not happy with that at all. my 5x3 used to be at least 165. I need to accept the fact that I'm resetting and not let it get me down. It's been tough, but it's what I have to do.

Dips 3 x AMRAP (plenty rest between attempts)
- 18   - 15   - 14
The funny thing was I had to do this on my outside deck doing the dips in the corner. Luckily it was very nice out yesterday. I'm pretty ok with those numbers. I was shooting for double digits at least, so this was good.

4 rounds (not for time)
10 hand-release pushups
10 1.5 pood KB Hand Power Cleans (5R/5L)


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