Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The last week

This is not what I mean when I talk about training.

Friday's Training:

Seated Box Jumps (to 30" box) 8 x 2 every 45 sec.
Completed, and need to go higher next time

Barbell Lunges 95lbs 3 x 8 (each leg) 1 min rest between sets
Wanted to do Russian Split Squats... but that day will come. I don't need to get that fancy right now

2 min AMRAP (5 sets)
2 Bodyweigh Power Cleans (165lbs)
25 Double Unders
*1 min recovery between rounds*
Round 1 - 3
Round 2 - 3
Round 3 - 2 + 24 DU (that was a bummer)
Round 4 - 2 + 21 DU
Round 5 - 3 + 2 PC (Gave it everything I got)

Saturday's Recovery

Epson Salt Bath
Drew a hot bath and put in about 2 cups of Epson Salt. It's supposed to do wonders for recovering and helping with sore muscles and strains. I did feel a difference but, honestly, not as much as the ice bath. Next week... I'm thinking Contrast Water Therapy.


Rest Day

Yesterday's Training

Got to travel down to CrossFit Central West End. One, we grabbed some spare horse stall mats that they had left over, and two... get some training in! Here's what went down:

Back Squat 175lbs 5 x 3
Completed, but took a lot of cues from watching eyes. I'm thinking I need to move to a high bar position.

3RM Good Morning
These felt really good, like I was in a great position. Not feeling anything at the moment.

3 Rounds For Time
12 Lunges 115lbs
9 Power Cleans 115lbs
6 Pullups
Time - 4:15
I took the WOD with a great training partner, Michael Libbie. He was definitely was ahead of me after the 1st round. Jump to the last round and he was on Power Cleans when I was on my 8th  Lunge. However, he was doing singles. So, I dropped my bar at 12 and went right into 9 unbroken Power Cleans. I think that work last week on pulling helped a lot. 115lbs felt like air (as it well should). Anyway, I got to the bar half a second before Libbie and that put me one second ahead. I couldn't have pulled out that time by myself at home.

3 minutes in front leaning rest
5 minutes later I held the pushup position for 3 minutes. Sounds easy? You'd be suprised what a killed cash out this actually is.

Heavy Single Squat
Anne suited up and prepared to spank me on some back squats... which she did with ease. We started at 135, jump t 185, then 225. I bowed out after I missed 255 and Anne grinded it up (for a PR match). As rough as 255 looked, she then moved 265 like soft butter... nothing like a good PR!

     So that's what I've been up to. Obviously, my training involves volume. I think it's been paying off, because I've felt like I've been moving better and faster. Luckily the 2-day-on, one-day-off, 2-day-on, recovery day, rest day seems to work well for me. This is the begining of the 3rd week, and I think I will stick with this untill the competition in February. So get ready for training, stick with it... and do burpees!

Crossfit Nordic. Promo. 2012. from Love Strandell on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

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