Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm back!

     Happy New Years. 2012 is just begining, and so does a whole bunch of training at the Adamas Training site (my garage). We have a lot to look forward this year. A whole lot of competitions all year long, opening up personal training in the garage, and getting stronger/fitter/faster. Doing so means I can't slack on rambling, so I'm going to try to be doing some good research and giving you guys and gals (or others) so meaty posts... but not necessarily today. Let's just get after it!

     With the new year, the one big tradition is the dreaded New Years Resolutions. The top resolution (and I'm basing this on no research) is weight-loss or just getting back into the gym. So all you Globo-Gym goers will notice an increase in population, probably just for the month of January... then it's business as usual. Why the hell is this?!

     It's time to stick with it, don't quit, and get the results that you want. Make reachable and obtainable goals. Put together a game plan, or find yourself a coach. Find a way to motivate yourself, and not let things slip by. So how about we talk a quick little bit about goal setting this morning? ... it's rhetorical, I'm going to talk about what I want.

     This is basically our first step. It's hard to say there is such thing as a "wrong goal"... but I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling. A "good goal"  would be something that we can accomplish, but not without applying a little bit of work toward it. Sometimes a more strict goal can be more dishartening. Example:

"I'm going to lose 20 lbs by February"
"I'm going to train to lose a weight each week"

     The first one is a clear set goal, with a number attached to it. This also has two possible outcomes: 1) you reach that goal, and all is right with the world 2) You don't hit your number, and now you feel like you failed, and do not want to continue. No bueno, right? The second goal, being more vauge, is actually an obtainable and reachable goal. For one, your telling yourself you will train, meaning you must do work to reach your goal. For two, you don't assign yourself a number. So, if you lose 1 pound or 10 pounds you have reached your goal. This will keep you more motivated to keep training, and keep meeting your goal.

     As always, I want you to think about your training. Think what you want out of your training. Is it for weight loss or weight gain? Do you want to be stronger under the bar or faster on your feet? Are your training for competition, or do you want to look good naked? Post thoughts, comments, questions, and goals down below. Get ready for the new year, get set to reach goals... and do burpees!

Motown CrossFit from Mike Doyle on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Deadlift 3RM


For these I made sure to have a dead stop between each rep. I could have gone heavier, but I really didn't have the plates to do that at the garage without making a 20lb jump. I might have made that too, but it seemed like a good stopping point

+ Accessory Work:

- Barbell Step-ups to 20" box 95lbs 3 x 15 (each leg) :60 rest between sets
- Barbell Reverse Curls 65lbs 3 x 12 w/ minimal rest (don't hate)
- immediate transition to: plank hold :60 x 3 (perform 25 air squats between sets)

The accessory work was tough. 15 reps each leg on the step up was pain. Curls were fine (don't hate), and the plank hold was an excellent cash out. If I didn't have a 4 year-old jump on my back at the same time, it really wouldn't have much trouble.

So this is interesting, we have a Powerlifting meet at the end of March, but the CF TNT competition is coming up begining of February. I'm working on raising my strength, and using accessory movements as a work/rest interval type work. We'll see how preparing for multiple things work out.


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