Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who let the Goats out!

     Morning you party animals... or you WOD animals. Either, I'm sure, is appropriate. We add another day to the burpees and another rambles closer to 300 posts. I won't get this by the end of the year unless I start doing two a days, and I don't know if my recovery is good enough for that. Anyway, let's get moving.

     Ok, so yesterday I asked what your favorite and least favorite movements are. Obviously, in CrossFit, the lists of horrible movements (or goats) tends to be a lot longer. Yes, I could do double unders till the cows came home, but I wouldn't be doing myself a good service.

     Why is it we hate to do these ""goat" movements? We suck at them, that's why! Don't sugar coat it. I hate doing Overhead Squats for many reason, one of them being that my quads have the consistency of a pack of twizzlers left in the summer sun. So, I avoid them like dairy. Doesn't mean that it's right though.

     We should practice what we suck at. You hear this from interviews from fire breathers and Games competitors. The best way to get better is to make your glaring weakness you best movement in the whole world! It means we must train, and it means we must practice. We have to strive to be Herculean in all of the 10 General Physical Skills. We have to be more awesome than Dean Martin if we really want to capitalize. If you don't get that last refernce ask your parents... so they can ask their parents.

     Listen, one of my favorite ways to grind down weakness' is to program a couplet with something that I can knock out. Throw some box jumps in with any Olympic movements. Jumble up Deadlifts with ring dips. Combine Kettlebells with Barbells. Whatever you have to do to fix the problem is what you have to do. That way where you may be down and out being chewed up by your goat you can complete what's in you wheelhouse (that's good) with ease!

     As always I want you guys to think of smarter ways to train. Experiment with ways to get better. Anytime you get in and out of chair, do so on one leg (to work toward a pistol). The world is your Plaeo oyster. Post comments, questions or thoughts below. So train hard, kill you goats (metaphor)... and do burpees

So this is how Santa gets it done!

Father X-mas from Heikki Slåen on Vimeo.

3,2,1, GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day
I had a WOD planned, but I was all but dead after the hero WOD Wood the other day. Figured it would be smart to recover before another session with some training partners later today.

Got to give a shout out to the wife. She put together some brauts with all types of veggies in the over and served them with grilled potatoes and onions... heavenly!

December Burpee Challenge
14/31 Completed, 105 Burpees Total


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  1. When I started CrossFit, I absolutely positively could not do handstand pushups of any level. Yesterday, I did handstand pushups.... on RINGS... in a WOD. How's that for kicking a goat? =)