Sunday, December 11, 2011


     Good morning again everyone. Are you sleeping well? Have you been training? Yes?... No? That's ok, it happens once in a while during the christmas season (I'm one to talk). 2012 is coming, so I hope you have your goals ready to get after. Today we have some good stuff to think about.

     If you have some good goals, one of the main things we must think about is proper technique. This could be your limiting factor on what you're chasing. Here, watch the videos below and we'll pick this back up:


Tall Chris Deadlifting over 500lbs from Diablo CrossFit on Vimeo.


     I think we can see quite the difference between the two videos. I will say that that the first is a CrossFitter pulling probably a 1 RM attempt; the second is Jay Nera, a legit Canadian Powerlifter. However, it's all about keeping our technique clean. Not only will this let us continue to hit PRs, but it will keep us safe and inrujy free. It's like the old saying, "just because you can doesn't mean you should." So, just because you can deadlift 500 pounds with a super rounded back and basically a stiffed legged deadlift... doesn't mean you should.

     This pertains for more to just the deadlift. It's everything that we work on. Gymnastic movements, Olympic lifts, kettlebell throws... it's all about staying safe. Sometimes we have to drop weights, scale the movements, and make sure we keep our technique clean. Even though you're not working the a 1 RM attempt, you'll be able to come back and PR.

     Does this make sense to everyone?  I just want you to think about our technique. I'd rather you Snatch the bar with absolute perfection, instead of thowing up a bodyweight Snatch with technique that would make a baby cry. Post thoughts, questions and comments below. Think about movement, do things the right way... and do burpees!

Fran from CrossFit Costa Mesa on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day

December Burpee Challenge:
11/31 Completed, 66 Burpees Total


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  1. Not ONLY did that dude hit 610 for 8, but those are the most perfect deadlifts I've ever seen. Flawless.