Friday, December 2, 2011

Are you?

     Party people in the house, say "Yah!"... oh, wait, I'm at work. Luckily while I make the bacon I can also come up some some rambles. I bet you must all be proud... this is your tax dollars hard at work (your welcome).

     Ok, 2 burpees today, that;s not too bad. Again, this is the start of the Decemeber Burpee Challenge. Don't want anyone to miss out (that's be a shame). Moving on, the year is coming to an end. Soon it will be Hanukkah, then Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa and New Years! What has the past year looked like to you, and your training? And what does next year look like?

     Have you hit milestones and PRs? Have you thrown down in competitions or local races? Have you brought the word of CrossFit to the masses, or changed someones life with a burpee? What have you contributed to fitness, and what has your fitness given to you?

     Are you ready for another year of hard training? Do you already have goals in mind? Do you know how to accomplish these tasks, or are you working with someone?

          Are you practicing positive self talk? Are you beating away negative thoughts? Does your attitude reflect your training? Do your friends and family see you differently?

     Are you ready to be the best form of you that you can be? Can you be better every day? Can you get the most out of each WOD and each training session?

     Are you ready to sacrifice time? Time to eat right? Time to train? Time to put your body and mind through extreme discomfort? Are you ready to fail?... are you ready to succeed? Are you?

     These are important questions that we can ask ourselves. It doesn't mean we have to answer them right away, but we do need to think. Answer them in your training, be un-scared, be your own champion. Get ready for another great year of training. Get your mind right, answer the question... and do burpees!

Boxing with Miles Rico from Warrier Boy Films on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Legs and pretty much whole body was screaming from that X-mas Day WOD the other day. I plan on something simple today to keep the body moving, and with any luck... an ice bath tonight.

December Burpee Challenge
2/31 Completed, 3 Burpees Total



  1. you know...if you bought be a really nice just MIGHT be able to lay down in that ice bath:) LOVE YOU!

  2. Gonna do a couple more burpees tonight! And we should trade CrossFit goals to become accountable to each other. It helps to have someone to hold your feet to the fire! I will start...

    I will weigh 175 at a similar bodyfat %
    I will back squat 300# or more in 2012
    I will snatch 10% heavier for a 1RM in 2012

    Okay guys.... 321 go.