Sunday, December 4, 2011


     Hey again people. Sorry, an emergency occured yesterday morning. Sorry to say, emergency trumps rambles... it'd be pretty messed up if it were the other way around. Anyway, sit down, enjoy a burpee or two and lets begin.

     Yesterday's post... the post from two days ago was a foreboding ramble about the questions we must ask ourselves about our training. It's aim was to get you motivated to want to go out and get it! To go out to find a barbell and *&% it up!!! If I didn't do this... my bad, we'll just have to try again.

     Well, today is all about throwing some goals out there. Whether its to increase your deadlift, lose weight, or decapitate a rhinoceros. Just like around this time last year, we're about to throw down some goals! Here's what crazy ol' man Frosh as been cooking up:

- Back Squat 3 big wheels (315lbs)
- 3x bodyweight Deadlift (495 lbs)
- Press and Snatch Bodyweight (165 lbs)
- lose body fat while maintaining weight (I got some post-deployment pudge)
- Enter more competitions (CF, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, races, etc.)
- Coach my ass off!!!

     Ok, so (just like last year), I have a lot of heavy lifting goals. Strength is still my weakness, and I really need to hammer that in. Which means I'm really going to have to spend a lot of time in the 3 to 1 rep range on some large weight (large to me anyway). But that's my goal. So a lot of my training may look similar to my time on deployment. Honestly, it's what I need.

     What about everyone else? I saw yours Greg, now I need to hear a few more. Let's push each other, let's motivate the clan, and let's set some PRs like there's no tomorrow (2012 is coming... it may be true). So post goals, thoughts, questions and comments below. Get motivated, train smart... and do burpees!

CROSSFIT TRACY from J. Vera on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

December Burpee Challenge
4/31 Completed , 10 Burpees Total



  1. 1)I have the same squat goal as you. Haven't 1RM'd in a while, though. Shirley the fact that I'm up to 3x5 with 270 means my 295# 1RM went up? I've found that's not always a given, though. 2)The other is to handstand walk 25yds.

  2. Ah yeah.... I gotta add that to the list...

    25 yard handstand walk.

    Maybe also:
    245# bench press for a 1RM (~10% increase)
    385# deadlift for a 1RM (~10% increase)

    Is a 10% increase too aggressive or too conservative for a year's time? I've been lifting for a loooooong time....

  3. If you guys need some handstand walks... I'm here. Greg, never seen you bench, but I can say this for your deadlidt. If you heal up right and train smart, you could have 4 plates on the bar (405 lbs).