Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Challenges abound

     Good morning everyone. Sorry I missed you all yesterday. It was a busy day of playing Navy at the Air Force Base (confusing isn't it?). Anyway, work looks light and I can't miss another ramble... I only have so few left for 2011! So let me stop wasting time and get going.

     So, I wanted to wait to tell you all my plans. But I just can't hold back. I have a self imposed challenge (no... it's not burpees)! Every week, and I'm shooting for every Wednesday, I will perform Grace... all year! That is 52 Grace's. I can make it heavy Grace, scaled Grace, Tabata Grace, or whatever. As long as its 30 Groung-to-Shoulder and Shoulder-to-Overhead. So... ya, we'll see how it all goes.

Not you Topher... I'm talking CrossFit here!
     I tell you this because of the impending holidays. No, I don't mean  Christmas (who care about that), I'm talking about the New Years! Now I've asked what your goals are, and we've gotten some great ones out there. Things like this Grace challenge is just that... it's a challenge. My only "goal" through this is to survive.

     Throughout the year the Rambles will be throwing out plenty of challenges. Right now we're in a burpee challenge, but we have a lot more out there to do. So my question is what kind of challenges would you like to see? Also, does anyone want to try to hit up the Grace challenge with me? Post thoughts, questions and comments below. Get ready for challenges, be ready for life... and do burpees!

"TEXAS! Yeah Texas! And We Had Some Fun..." ACOIII Promo from Bougie Photography on Vimeo.
3,2,1 GO! -----------------------------------------------------

Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day

December Burpee Challenge:
21/31 Completed, 231 Burpees Total


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