Saturday, June 25, 2011

A tale of pulling

     Morning again folks. I'm sorry I've been absent the lasft few days. Once again, screwed up schedule takes a hold of my time, but never my training. So without further stalling... rambling time is here.

     Since it's all about me (I'm being sarcastic), I just want to give you guys the ups and downs of this week. I've really been hitting the weights hard, ever searching for new PRs. Like I said, metcons may suffer, but it's something I promise I will get back. Early this week I was super stoked to get a PR on the Squat of 245lbs. That 20 pounds I have been working my ass off for the last year and a half. It felt like quite a grind about halfway up, and I'm pretty sure I saw Jesus chearing me on... but I made it! With a fist pump, that I'm sure confused the rest of the gym, I know there are more PRs to come.

     So, I wanted to share a story about today's PR. I was just about to start loading the bar to warm-up for some max effort Deadlifts. As I just put 135 on the bar some guy asked if he could work with me. I warned him that it was ME day for me, but he was more than welcome to pull. so, of course we both kept solid technique with 135, then threw on another plate and we were both rocking 225. Then the third plate came on, making it a nice 315. I did 5 reps, with a reset between each pull, making sure my form was still on. This is when my training partner get a little weary. I bumped up to 365 for 3 pulls, the third one being quite ugly, but still came up. He didn't look like he was too keen on that weight, so I asked if he'd like to strip the weight. He asked if I planned to move up, and I said it'll be 4 plates next. That was it for him. He thanked me for letting him work in, and said he was impressed with the weight I was putting up. With a nod to each other he was off, and i was fired up to break a PR I set about 6 or 7 months ago.

     I loaded the bar with 405lbs, threw on my belt, and chalked up. This pull was a little slower, but I moved it with relative ease. It was then I knew a PR was coming. I decided for forgo matching my PR of 415 and just right to 425lbs! I rested appropriately and i was ready to lift the ^%$ing weight. After visualizing making the lift I set myself to make sure it came true. As soon as the weight left the ground I knew I was in for a battle. The bar was HEAVY, I was trying as hard as I could to keep my back tight and still make an acsent with the weight. Once I got the weight to my knees I could feel my neck veins bulging, I couldn't stop now. Finally, after truly a max effort, I reached the top and arrived at PR-ville... population: ME!

     As you can tell, I was super excited about today, and possibly too descriptive. But, the question the I think about, is what happened to my training partner? Now I don't know his PRs, programming (if any) and background. However, with at least a 5RM at 315lb, I'm sure he had a lot left in him. Why do people shy away from heavy? Hell, maybe my lifts could have inspired him to pull a PR, and if the tables were turned and I was chasing him, I could have equally been as fired up to hit an even higher PR... alas, we will never know.

     Alright, I've talked about myself in great lengths today (too much if you asked me). It's time to hear from you, dear readers and followers. What is your crowning PR achievement? What weight did you move that got you fired up? Don't hold back folks! I want to hear it. So tell a tale, don't sell yourself short... and do burpees!

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day

Day 71 Burpee Challenge / 2556 Burpees Total


  1. My deadlift story is a quick one of ignorant form, injury and a complete loss of poundage. Slacking on the heavy lifts, I went into the CrossFit Football wod, Tillman with typical underestimation. Round four, I injured my back. Now that it's finally feeling better, I've resumed deadlifting and made the total switch to sumo style. My PR as of today is 365. I will have to get my name off the whiteboard, now. Nonetheless, since dealifts have always been my strongpoint, I will be on the comeback with the nastiness. It's just a matter of getting my confidence right again under the heavy stuff.
    Good pr news is my pull-ups. The class asked me to see how many dead hangs I could get and I made it to 25, a new pr by 3 reps! On my way to 30 and will retest my weighted pull-ups once I can find a belt that had a D-Ring that can hold more that 143lbs. I broke the last one. I kill pull-ups!

  2. I believe Libbie should be June's follower of the I have been slacking on the comment leaving.

  3. Froshinator, the deadlift story was great. Congratulations on your awesome deadlift PR!

    +GSkell, Edwardsville-area CrossFitter