Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Adventures in Programming

     Hey folks, due to an odd turn of events of work scheduling, you are left without a video again. Basically, my work schedule, and therefore my sleep, is suffering. I can only complain so much. I'm still here, I can still WOD, and I can still ramble... so let's do that!

You tell em Frankie, baby
     So I came to a stark realization with regards to my programming. I have been striving to become a stronger CrossFitter, as it is one of the main components I lack. With that being said, I believe I am making some great strides in that quest. Check out below for some current stats:

          - Back Squat: 245 lbs
          - Deadlift 405 lbs
          - Push Press 180 lbs
          - Thruster 160 lbs
          - Pullups 47 reps (Not "Strength"... but still)

     Believe me, I am overjoyed with the weight I have been moving. I smell a lot more PRs to follow. Being deployed there are some things I can't do, such as: 1 RM Snatch or 1 RM Clean & Jerks, surely for the fact that I really don't have bumper plates and can't dump the weight. There are no boxes to jump, or places to hang my rings. No kettlebells, only a few rowers, and its too busy to occupy multiple bars at one time.

     Anyway, I'm coming to a point. Yesterday, I performed Baraba, which is as follows:

5 rounds for time:
 - 20 pullups
 - 30 pushups
 - 40 situps
 - 50 squats
*Rest 3 minutes between rounds*
Time - 37:31 (WTF?!)

     I have done Barbara 3 times total, and this time... was no PR. Hell, the last time I did this "Girl" I was in the 25-29 range. It's nothing to write home about, but this was about 10 minutes shy of my PR! So what happened? I believe my lack of hitting the long bodyweight metcons has somewhat hurt my endurance and speed. I mean, the pushups DESTROYED me! Pullups, not a problem. But after doing pushups in sets of 5's and 3's I was gassed for situps and squats.

     Listen, the proof is in the Paleo pudding. I got stronger, but I slowed down. It's not necessarily "bad programming", I mean I was achieving my goal of becoming stronger. But that's not what CrossFit is all about. We need to be well rounded in our 10 General Physical Skills. We want to be great at everything, not just awesome at some.

     What does this mean? It means, I'm going to be looking at my programming, and making some changes to it so I am maintaining and gaining my strength a little slower, but not losing my MetCon. So, as much as I've enjoyed putting the heavy weight on my miniscule frame... it's time to focus back on CrossFit. Now, it's your turn to speak up.

     For anyone out there, have you even ran into something similar to this? Has your programming tipped the scale in favor of stength, speed or skill instead of being well rounded? What did you do to correct this? What worked best for you? Speak up, because I'm listening. But in the meantime, move quickly, lift heavy... and do burpees!

"There are few things graven in stone, except that you have to squat or you're a pussy. "
     - Coach Rippetoe

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

5 Rounds for Time:
- 20 Pullups
- 30 Pushups
- 40 Situps
- 50 Squats
Rest 3 minutes between rounds
Time - 37:31

Day 67 Burpee Challenge / 2278 Burpees Total


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  1. My strength number went down across the board, sometimes as much as 50lbs. this entire year after essentially stopping all heavy lifting and doing mostly conditioning when I had the opportunity. I also lost two solid training partners in this period, which wreaks havoc on my enthusiasm and interest. Riding my bike a lot this summer has dropped my back squat 1rm by 30 lbs. There's a clear negative correlation between conditioning and strength.