Monday, March 5, 2012


     Hey people. It's time to get back into the rambling. What better way to do that to put some crazy challenge in front of me... right? Well, let the Russian inside of me roar, we're about to go squatting!

     For the next few weeks, or 13, I'll be giving the Smolov Squat Program a go. What is this? Well it's the Russian version of Squat Hell, and not for the faint of heart (perfect for a Froshinator). Let me give you an idea on what is about to happen.

     Basically it starts with a 4 week "base-cycle". This will be preparing my body for upper levels of volume and intensity. You think a 5 x 5 is bad? How about a 4 x 9 at 70% of your 1 RM? That not bad enough? Then try to follow that up with 5 x 7 at 80%. Now we're talking! The 4 week gut check finishes with finding a new 1RM. Many brave soles that have attempted this walked away with a 50lb+ squat PR... and that's just 4 weeks in!

     After thrashing the body, it's time for some much needed physical and mental recovery. Thus, enters a 2 week switching period, focusing on speed, speed and more speed! Verture down Westside Barbell way and work on some Dynamic Effect lifts, Box Jumps and above Max Negative Squats (just the eccentric portion). These 2 weeks are not programmed, it's up to the lifter to make this happen.

     Now the final stage begins. Using your new found 1 RM you will keep the percentage very high in the "Intense Phase", lasting another 4 weeks.  Gone are the days of super crazy volume, like sets up 7 and 9. But say hello to an intensity like Chuck Norris' stare. You will eventually work toward 5 sets of 5 using 95% of your new 1RM! Can someone say, "&$^^%$*(%"?!... that's what I thought.

     Again, some poeple have walked off with a 100lb jump in their squats, and even a hefty increase in their Deadlift (without pulling once in 13 weeks).  I'll try to add in some upper body variation throughout the program, but looking through reviews many have dropped it all together, saving their engery for under the bar. Another to get ready for is eating, eating, eating. It will become my new chore. It won't be Paleo... but it will be calories. It's time to move some weight!

     So there you have it. Some craziness is in my near future. I'll be trying to ramble each day, so I can let you know of my training and progress. Feel free to offer words of encouragement, post questions/comments, or anything else you can think of. Lastly, today is my 1 year anniversay to my lovely wife. It was a great year (sans the 6 months deployed), and I can't wait for many more.

     Just Squat, hold the burpees... and BECOME UNBREAKABLE!

Daily Training - Test Week Jan 2012 from Santa Cruz Strength on Vimeo.


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