Saturday, March 10, 2012

More than squatting too

     Hey people. I would have had a juicy ramble for you yesterday, however I got caught up in morning meetings at work. And when high ranking people talking about themselves... they talk a lot. Me? I just squat a lot. Here's what's been happening the last two days.

Thursday's Training:

Lunges 3 x 8
1st set - 135#
2nd set - 145#
3rd set - 155#

Split Jerk Racks (work to a heavy single)
- 135#
- 165#
- 195#
- 215#
- 235#
- 255#

     How a the split jerk rack work is this: The loaded bar is high up on the squat cage. You then get under the bar in a receiving split jerk position (arms fully locked). Then from there you stand  up. It work on recovering the weight from a split jerk, especially when your deficient there (like me).

Friday's Training:

Good Morning (work to heavy single)
- 95# 2 x 3
- 135# x 3
- 165# x 2
- 185# x 1 (add belt)
- 205# x1
- 225# x 1
- 235# x 1

     I have a good video of this attempt, and I'm pretty sure I got my torso parallel. It just goes to show how much stronger my lower back is than my legs. Oh well.

     So I still have one more day of training today. Yes, the Russians have me going 6 days a week this time around. However, next week is only 3. The problem is, this is just the intro week... then things get really crazy! Post any questions, comments and burpees below... and BECOME UNBREAKABLE!!!


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