Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ivan Drago

     Hey again folks. Still getting into the intro here on my Russian-powered squat program. Odd, now all I want to do is walk around and tell people, "I will break you." Just like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV... I guess it's working. My un-insprining squat numbers aside... here's what we had yesterday.

Back Squat

155# 3 x 8
165# x 5
185# 2 x 2
195# x 1

     Yes, exact same as yesterday. The difference is I'm going into the squat session already nice and sore. However, I think because of my level of soreness my technique was a little more dialed in today. A similar squat prescription, but now we're going to bump up the weight. Stay tuned for tomorrow.

     Post any thoughts, questions, comments, burpees, shouts-out or etc. below. Harness your power, be strong... and BECOME UNBREAKABLE!

Greatest Training Motivation - Rocky VI Montage! from heppsanhometraining on Vimeo.


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