Wednesday, February 22, 2012


     Hey again everyone, I've been UBER busy last week. Getting training in (others... not myself), wedding, parties, running around, and a lot of 4 am wake-ups. Now that is all finished, and I'm ready to get back to me. Here's me "plan"

     As I said before, I'll be making a bit of a switch to Powerlifting. I will do one WOD a week during the open (which starts today), but after that 5 weeks, it's all about the bar. Getting under the bar is a great way to force adaptation to heavier loads, especially for a beginner like me. Heck almost everyone is a beginner, or maybe a novice. You rarely run into an advanced or elite powerlifter unless you specifically search them out.

     I am not trying to become one of those, I just want to train. I will be squatting... anytime I see the barbell, coupled with pulling 1-2 times a week and alternating pressing movements 3 times a week. I'm not going to get fancy with accessory work or strength/speed waves. I don't need to complicated a program when just starting (and neither do you).

     So, I will try to get 3 or more rambles in a week. Some weeks will be better than other. I want to give you a sneak peak into what I'm doing, or maybe some other interesting facts I run across my journey. Keep in mind I just reset all of my lifts to basically nothing. Sometimes you must take a step back to move forward.

Yesterday's Training:

Squat 3 x 5 95lbs
Press 3 x 5 45lbs
Deadlift 1 x 5 135lbs
Starting Bodyweight: 165 lbs

     Now doesn't that seem easy? It really was. Even though its uber light weight, you still must be tight under the bar and deliberate with your movement. I'll be adding weight in a normal linear fashion untill I can go no further. So let the journey begin!

KRAFTAKT (CANON 7D) Trailer with Lou Ferrigno from André Rößler on Vimeo.

... and do burpees :)


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