Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Year!!!

     Holy crap people! The Rambles of a Frosh is one year old today! Yes, just 365 days ago I got the bright idea the I should start a blog. What possessed me, I may never know, but here we are, one year in. Now, I haven't thrown down 365 rambles. I've missed my fair share, even recently. So, with such a milestone it's time for me to stop screwing around and bring the people what they want... ramble on!

     What it being my 1 year now, why don't we talk about that... milestones. In CrossFit, no one jumps onto the scene and becomes a super-stud. Yes, some may be more athletically gifted, driven or what have you. But we all start by learning. And in this particular sport/training program we are doing things we've never done before, or things that we haven't done since MC Hammer was still getting down.

     Yes, we are in a constant state of learning. For some its learning the Oly lift, or gymnastic movements or going from deconditioned to uber-conditioned. How do you approach something so widely varied? Easily... we set goals.

     If you started CrossFit, just did what you had to do, and never focused too much on it, is it a waste of your time? Not at all. What I'm saying is if you did actually consider what you want out of your training, then you would be that much closer to obtaining it. Does that make sense?

     Basically, setting yourself goals gives you something to strive for, something to train for. When we break these milestones it can be that much sweeter. You feel more accomplished, more motivated, and better prepared to tackle your next goal. So, what have you done? What milestones have you broken through since your CrossFit beginnings? How did that make you feel, or how did you react? Post thoughts, stories and questions to comments. Train hard, be better... and do burpees!

Fit City CrossFit Promotional Trailer from Ben on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterdays Training:

20 minute AMRAP
10 95lb Power Snatches
1 Handstand Walk 25 feet
15 Toes to Bar
Rounds - 6 + 2 Power Snatches
Awesome WOD. Got with some old training partners for this one. I really doubt I could have hit what I did without them... especially trying to stay ahead of Mike! Loved the handstand walks in this, awesome skill to have that is in my wheelhouse



  1. Cool post. So what are your CrossFit goals?

  2. Just glad to be a part of the year of rambles. My CrossFit goal is to beat Frosh in a wod. I keep it simple. The skills he has slowly create a gap in each wod we do. I think in terms of, oh, I want this Fran time, or I want to deadlift this or that much much. Sure those are goals, and they have their place. What trumps those ideas/goals I have is beating the people I wod with.