Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's for you

     Good morning all. Another ramble for yall. I know, they've been scarce, but hell... I'm on vacation! But, I still want to get something out to the masses. I'm sure once I'm back into a schedule I'll be a little more on the ball. I'll stop the excuses and apologies, let's ramble!

     I've heard this question posed online: "Is CrossFit for me?" Well is it? The CrossFit Mainsite is littered with scores of firebreathers with absolutely amazing times. Is this what CrossFit about? The elite? Though this is inspiring to see what they can accomplish, they are not what CF is ALL about. They are a snapshot to what can occur when human beings push their bodies beyond the limits of what we THINK we can accomplish. Then again, don't we all do that when we do CrossFit?

     I watched a video of a 63 year old woman deadlifting 135lbs. Through the video it was a max, or beyond max, effort. So, it's not the same as Dave Lipson deadlifting 650lbs... however, both of these atheletes are pushing beyond what they thought they could achieve.

     This is why CrossFit is for everyone. Because it's not about what weight is lifted or how fast you move. It's about pushing yourself to adapt to a new level. The chiseled CrossFit Games fire breather and the motivated, yet deconditioned, person coming into the box to change their life... they're all the same. Both are people that have decided to be better. This is why CrossFit is for everyone!

A picture from (this athlete also has MS)

     Now its your turn. Why do you think CrossFit is for everyone? Personal stories and struggles are welcome. Post thoughts, questions and comments down below. Stay motivated, train hard... and do burpees!

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day

Quite frankly the last few days have been this. Days have been filled with eating far too much food. But, my folks are heading home today, I'll probably be getting much more into the swing of things. Might be getting some more equipment soon, fingers crossed.


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