Saturday, May 7, 2011

Odd stares

*sorry folks, late post here's the 9 AM ramble*

     Hi guys and gals. Once again we're plugging away at the rambles. So let me just let you know I saw some interesting lifting yesterday. There was a bear of a man yesterday, but I found it odd that with his chicken legs he had to use straps to deadlift 165 lbs one at a time. These were not multiple reps either... I'm just saying. Moving on.

     Actually I want to talk about the strangeness of the Globo-Gym. Now since I'm deployed I don't have the CrossFit box easily accessible... I'm still looking for it, if it exsists. So, I am forced to use what I have available, which means no bumper plates, no real pullup bars, and very few places to squat. I digress.

     Besides the odd staring contest I mentioned earlier, there was something else to stare at... me. I'm not bumping up my own ego, but yesterday I wanted to spend some time working on my gymnastics skills: handstand holds and planche holds. So I was working on my hollow rock and trying to do my handstands. Aparently this is not something people routinely do. It was tough to actually find the space to do this in the sea of machines.

     So, have any of you tried to bring CrossFit to the Globo-Gym and met with some blank stares? I think that soon we find more and more people that do or have heard of CrossFit. In that respect, are you spreading the good CrossFit gospel? Tell friends and family about it? I'm sure mine are sick of hearing it. So lets hear some more Globo-Gym stories. Move the weight, sprint hard... and do burpees.

Garage Gym: "Bring What Matters; We Supply The Rest" from Garage Gym Store (G2S) on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Strength/Skills:

Bench Press 1RM 195 lbs
I'm actually really suprised I was able to move that. I think I could have pulled a PR of over 200 lbs, but I wanted to play it safe.

Handstand Hold/Planche Hold practice

Day 22 Burpee Challenge / 253 Burpees Total
These ar starting to suck


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