Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Surviving the Globo-Gym

     Good morning (or my afternoon), how is everyone doing? Hitting those WODs up? Good to hear. The days have been busy, and getting more so as the days go on. Such is the life. Still finding time to get the WOD in, eat some paleo, and recover. So it can't be all that bad.

     Among MANY things, I miss my box... my CrossFit box of course. I have noticed something about the Globo-Gym here on base, its tough to do a WOD. I can see how people make fun or hate CrossFitters that do the WODs commercially... we just get in the way. I try to be very considerate in the body-builders Mecca. There is a lot of jumping around, and people sharing equipment. However, its hard to share a pullup bar when you're doing something for time.

     Thats probably the biggest apeal of the Box of the Garage Gym, is you generally don't get in the way. When you WOD in the box, everyone is doing the same workout, and you don't (usually) have to wait for someone to finish before you can perform any movement. Then again, you will never run into a meat-head Golobo-Gym rat at any CrossFit box. Even CrossFit classes in the commercial gyms normally have their own area. So I guess I'll have to be the jerk doing kipping pullups and burpees.

     Anyway, I'm going to ask again (and hope to get some answers). What has been your experience with the Globo-Gyms? We all started out there (unless your a CrossFit Kid), so I'm sure you all have stories. What do you got?!  Do the WOD, learn the movements... and do burpees!

"If you want to look like some Abercrombie model, then find another program and enjoy your nice, easy training style. If you are serious about adding muscle to your frame, then get under the damn bar and make it happen."
     - Coah Rip

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Strength/WOD:

Bench Press
3 x 5
125 lbs (65%)
145 lbs (75%)
165 lbs (85%)

95 lbs (50%) x 5 x 10
I have not really done Bench Pres in a long time, I mean, I found my "1RM" (which is probably low-balling it), but I haven't done that much in a while... and it felt great!

10 Dips
10 DB Swings 70 lbs
10 Pullups
Time - 6:15
Would have been sub 6 minutes, if I didn't have to wait for some woman to use the aparatus for leg raises... damn!

Day 26 Burpee Challenge / 351 Burpees Total



  1. Just moved to a new city and theres no box here so I use my school gym.. Is quite awful I almost think its going to be a waste of a.full year of crossfit training

  2. Take it from me, I'm training in a "Globo-Gym" in the desert in 110+ degree weather, and I'm still hitting PR's. Not the optimal place to be, but it can be done. Best of luck on your training!