Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween came early

     Happy Halloween Eve to all you out there! Well, we at CrossFit St. Louis could not wait to get our "Scary" on, so we held the: CrossFit St. Louis Good vs. Evil Halloween Throwdown. So glad everyone got to come out, get a WOD in, some Paleo food and... non-Paleo drinks.

Spooky, huh?

     So the night started off with 3 WODs, participated in by some or all of the teammates. So here's what we had going on.

WOD #1: one male and one female from each team competed, one working at a time
Girls: Deadlift 3100 lbs total
Guys: 31 pullups
Girls: 31 Box Jumps (20")
Guys: 31 Kettlebell Swings (1.5 pood)
Girls: 31 Empty Barbell squat jumps
Guys: 31 Burpees

The girls nailing the Dealifts

Chris doing a great job on his burpees

Clark Kent swinging away

Team Good

     Good triumphed in WOD #1, but it was close throughout.

WOD #2: One guy/gal from each team participated
Teammate 1: - 400m run with a Pumkpin
                     - 20 Pumkin Squat Cleans
Teammate 2: - Suicide Run with Pumkin, 40 foot intervals
                     - 20 Pumkin Squat Cleans
Teammate 1: - Suicide Run with Pumpkin
                     - 20 Pumpkin Squat Cleans
Teammate 2: - 400m run with a Pumpkin
                     - 20 Pumkin Squat Cleans

Getting ready for WOD #2

Busting through some pumkin cleans

Suicide runs in the dark... spooky

Team Evil

     Team Evil got the point for WOD #2, once again a very narrow victory. So it all came down to WOD #3 to decide the fate of the world

WOD #3: 2 people working at a time in order
- 3k row (one of the 2 people had to be on the row untill the row was complete)
- 500 single unders
- 200 ball slams
- 150 box jumps (20")
- 100 burpees
- 50 situps
- 31 ring dips

Rowing like the fate of the world depended on it

Making easy work of the jump rope

Halloween crew chipping away

Finishing strong

Team Evil working hard

The whole crew

     Team Good pulled off the last WOD, and therefor controls the fate of the world! However a congrats should go out to everyone that came. Even more Kudos need to be given to Laurie, Leeny and Lisa. We couldn't have pullup off the Throwdown without the 3 L's! After the WODs, it was time to kick back, get a little silly (which we alerady were), and enjoy!

Cher can do pullups!

OMG its Linda Blair... wait, its Laurie... run!

Quite the tastey spread

Parth... he is, the WODfather

Um... Superman?

Kirsten rockin' it!

That's a good look for you Kelly

     So again, I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! Remember, if you want to scare someone... just add burpees
3,2,1 GO!

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