Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't judge me!

Can you believe this? Me! Blogging! Has the world gone mad!!! ... probably. Anyway, this marks Day #1 of letting random people of the world know what I think. So what do I think about? Here is the forecast:

- CrossFit

Yes, I don't need to say much more than that. This is a CrossFit blog, and in all its CrossFitty goodness I will be bringing you WODs, musings, inspirational thoughts or heck... maybe some actual solid coach tips!

     Today's work was just strength work. I am currently following Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program (
And today, to save a drive to the box, I got my squat on at the base gym. It's always an interesting time visiting the normal "globo-gym". I can never fault someone for trying to get in-shape/strong/look good naked, but from time to time I may wag my finger or shake my head at some of the goings on I witness.

     Today I must reflect on my neighbors at the nearby squat rack. I'm not going to go on to say what they were doing or critique their work, but just the stark difference of working out in a normal gym vs a CrossFit gym. This topic has been, I'm sure, been covered to death... but this is my take on it. It was almost as if my working out was a nuisance to them. They were almost whispering when they talked to each other, not that I was too concerned with what was being said.
     Anytime I enter a CrossFit gym it is seems that I am hit with a smattering of "hello", "how are you doing", or "dear God, not that WOD". I think the CrossFit box breeds an atmosphere that will inspire each athlete to push themselves and each other to their physical and mental limit.
     Maybe this is what we need to bring when we go to a normal "globo-gym". Instead of a staring contest with the guy at the bench press how about actually saying hello and asking the other person about their form (if its grand) or helping them (if its less than pleasing). This may be too much to ask right now, and I would avoid the guy pacing around in a sweatshirt listening to his headphones so loud it makes your ears hurt. But hey, it can't hurt to try.

3,2,1 GO!

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