Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Competition pains

     Look at that, day two is here. I may be rehabbing my lower back, but I am strong on getting my blog back on. I want to put out a few things right off the bat. I am no longer posting exactly at 9 AM. The posts will come when they come on a Monday through Friday basis. Why?... because I like my weekends. OK, the rules are officially over, let's ramble.

     So, last Saturday was the "Fittest in the Metro East" CrossFit competition. I placed 8 out of 9... only because there was a tie... so technically 9th (woo, top 10!!!). The first workout was a triplet with thrusters, pullups and snatch. Coming in with a bad low back injury, it wasn't looking  that grand. After an uber painful fight with 30  snatches I finished with literally seconds remaining. After writhing in pain, a trip to the on-site chiropractor, and writhing in pain again... I had to "prepare" for the 2nd event.

     My preparation consisted of napping right up until my heat. the second was a short battle with the jump rope and handstand holds. Again, this went horrible for me, even though these USED to be my most strongest abilities. The next event I was better prepared for, as it was a strength event. Running coupled with 1 Rep Deadlift, Clean and Hang Squat Clean. My worry here was the cleans, because I injured my back doing these 2 days prior. This still lead to a Hang Squat Clean PR and my only 3rd place finish.

     The 4th event was another triplet of moving a prowler, air squats and situps. By now my quads were toast, so I'm surprised I could even do anything. The finally event was a gargantuan chipper of a whole bunch of movements. It really didn't matter, I couldn't get passed the 3rd movement of overhead walking lunge with a 70lb kettlebell. At this point in the day I couldn't even do an unweighted lunge, so this was just 14 minutes of self torture.

     So that is about as brief as a recap I can give. As horrible as I did, there were some beasts out there in both Rx and scaled divisions. Was I ill prepared? For this competition, yes! Have a done a WOD since March? Not a one. So I've gone from placing 2nd of over 60 people in February, to last out of 9. Have my goals changed since February? Yes! Have they changed since last weekend? No... just more of a fire.

     The non-CrossFitters will say that CF competitions are BS, and a normal "fit" person can't just come in a do well because of the crazy movements. There may be a little truth to this, you do have to practice the movements... just like any sports. Fittest man in the world, Rich Froning, will not be able to go play in the NBA, NFL, or NHL (when it's not locked out) without practice. He is a monster at CrossFit... because he CrossFits!

     Is this the end of my competative CF career? I'm not sure. Do I no longer advocate CF? I still do, but it is not my training plan or goal of mine at the moment. Will this post piss CrossFitters off? I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm giving out my thoughts and opinions. I am not bashing the competitors or competition, because who the hell cares? I don't want to start fights or "hardcore" internet battle. I am, however, saying how shit-tastic that I did. I will soon be back to training the Big Three (Squat, Bench and Deads), going after PRs and blogging away... at training, life, CrossFit, or whatever the hell I feel like.

     Anyway, those are my thoughts. If you don't like them... then you already stopped reading this. If you still are, and you still have a problem then leave any questions, comments or thoughts. So the hell with all this, the competition is in the past. It's time to get stronger, train harder... and BECOME UNBREAKABLE!!!

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